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Pueblo Antiguo (Old Town)

Old Town (Pueblo Antiguo)

Pueblo Antiguo (Old Town)

«Pueblo Antiguo» was conceived with the idea of providing permanent economic support
to the Costa Rican National Children´s Hospital

Costa Rican village life as it was at the turn of the century has been recreated on an area of 12 acres. A center for culture, fun and the conservation of Costa Rican traditions, Pueblo Antiguo allows both foreign and national visitors the opportunity to better understand our country and its history. This is an important tourist center site with an educational component permitting the visitor to become acquainted with the values and customs that have molded our national identity.

Pueblo Antiguo hopes to help fill the existing gap in the foreign visitor´s experience of Costa Rican culture and traditions.

The different constructions in this unique teme park highlight the various architectural styles found in Costa Rica between 1880 and 1930. The main objective of Pueblo Antiguo is to bring alive Costa Rican traditions in context, similar to those in which they existed at the turn of the century. To this end we have combined live actors, oxcarts, horses, cattle, train,horse-drawn carriages,boats, live music, folkloric dances, restaurants and shops to present a vibrant, living experience allusive to the past.

Introduction to our Town


The nation´s capital at the turn of the century has been recreated through some of the predominant buildings around which urban life revolved: the church with a plaza in front of it, the Congress building, the municipal market, shops (Universal book shop), the fire station and the bank. These beuildings are not necessarily faithful reproductions of the originals, but do maintain a style particular to the epoch.


Most of the buildings in this section are over 100 years old and were purchased from around the country and brought to Pueblo Antiguo, others have been constructed in accordance with period styles. Here you will find the Dairy Farm, the Country Grocery Store, the Coffee Mill, the Sugar Mill, the traditional style restaurant, the train station and rural houses, along with an indigenous people´s settlement.


Old-fashioned buildings typical of the coastal environments grace this section of the park together with a recreation of the Canals of Tortuguero and the Seaside Restaurant.


This is an authentic attraction with professional actors that are going to transport you to a Costa Rica of the turn of the century.

The inspired words of great political leaders and the insighful comments of everyday people recrate the spirit of independence, patriotism, democracy and religion that have shaped this country. Come to learn about the roots of Costa Rican costums, traditions, myths, legends and amusing idiosincracy in an entertaining one hour long presentatation of theater, music and dance.

Here in Pueblo Antiguo the story of our past is told with the pride and friendship in hope that these remembrances of paths traveled will help lead us on the road to a brighter future.


Come and enjoy an unforgettable night in Pueblo Antiguo surrounded by the evocative scenes from the Costa Rica of yesterday.

Enjoy our delicious typical cuisine and the folkloric show. This play is made up of folkloric dances and songs that reflect our customs and beliefs, and what is best: the way of life of the Costa Rica of yesterday surrounded by an atmosphere and humor which takes the spectator to the intimate roots of its people. Share a different night with us and enjoy a Pueblo Antiguo style evening.

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